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2018 Spring Tournament Cutoff & Seeding Dates

2018 Spring Tournament NEW Cutoff and Seeding Dates

Dear School Leaders,

The Tournament Management Committee (TMC) voted to extend spring tournament cutoff and seeding dates.  This proposal was approved unanimously by the committee and supported by MIAA President Marilyn Slattery, in an effort to afford schools an opportunity to complete a full season of competition given the unprecedented weather conditions that currently affect field availability and other spring sport conditions.

Each sport committee will publish a detailed calendar of tournament dates within their format.  The information below lists the previous and new cutoff and seeding dates to be used for your planning purposes.  Hopefully, these extensions will assist your work as you deal with your upcoming spring season.

SAT and ACT Testing

Please note that with new tournament dates, the SAT and ACT conflicts may fall upon different rounds of the sport tournament play:
•         June 2, 2018 SAT & Subject Tests
•         June 9, 2018 ACT 

Please work to inform your students and parents of this change and how it may impact their plans.

We wish you the best in this upcoming spring season.

MIAA 2018 Spring Tournaments Date Changes
Sport Previous Cutoff New Cutoff Previous Seeding New Seeding
Team Tennis 5/24 5/31 5/25 6/1
Rugby – Boys and Girls 5/28 6/4 5/29 6/5
Boys Lacrosse 5/24 5/31 5/25 6/1
Girls Lacrosse  5/24 5/31 5/25 6/1
Baseball (N/S/C/W) 5/28 6/4 5/29 6/5
Baseball 1A 5/28 6/4 5/28 6/4
Softball 5/28 6/4 5/29 6/5
Volleyball 5/21 5/28 5/22 5/29
Track 5/21 5/22 midnight    
Golf 5/24 5/31    

CLICK HERE for a printable pdf document of these revised dates

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