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Game Exclusions
Fall 2020

Fall 2020

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The Game Exclusion Form (along with the entire list of fillable forms - formerly know as the White Book of Forms) is located in Members Only under the Tournament Information tab on this site. See Form#4.   Form must be opened for use using Acrobat Reader.


  • This form must be completed and received in the MIAA office by the close of the business day on or before the first allowable date for competition in that sport and is only required if you DO NOT wish to count the games towards tournament qualification.
  • A fine of $200 will be assessed if the form is received AFTER the first allowable competition date for the sport but prior to the exclusion competition date or schedule commitment date for the season, whichever comes first.
    • The form must be accompanied by a rationale for why the deadline was not met;  and
    • The form, fine and rational submission must be copied to the school principal
  • NO forms will be accepted after the exclusion competition date or the season's schedule commitment date, whichever is earlier.
  • Forms must be submitted to Jan Martin -  Email: jmartin AT miaa DOT net       or     Fax:  508-541-9806


To enable the following schools to fill their schedules, the MIAA allows other member schools to schedule contests with:

Barnstable, Boston College H.S., Bridgewater-Raynham, Brockton, Catholic Memorial, Dartmouth, Durfee,  Everett, Fontbonne, Malden Catholic (Boys), Malden HS, Martha’s Vineyard, Medford, Nantucket, Nauset, New Bedford, Notre Dame (Hingham), Revere, St. John's Prep (D), Somerville, Ursuline, and Xaverian

with the option of choosing not to include these contests toward tournament qualification and seeding under the following parameters.

A. Member schools (that are NOT exclusion schools) may exceed the maximum number of seasonal competitions by two and exceed the weekly limit by one, when scheduling contests with the schools listed. All games may count toward tournament qualification if desired.

1. The exclusion form MUST BE submitted for games against any of the listed school to NOT COUNT toward tournament qualification
2. If games versus exclusion school are to be counted towards the seeding record, it is not necessary to submit the exclusion form.
3. If an exclusion form is submitted, the decision is final and the game will not count. This decision may not be changed.

B. These contests will count for the schools listed, and therefore must be included on the "Season Schedule and Commitment Form" submitted to the Tournament Director. Schools must indicate on the Schedule and Commitment Form if games WILL NOT count toward Tournament qualification.

C. If playing an Exclusion School that is part of your league schedule, you MUST count the game.  You cannot exclude league contests vs. Exclusion Schools.

Regarding Exclusion Schools

1.  Exclusions schools may play each other --- at least one of the schools must count the game towards tournament qualification, as long as they are not in the same league.   If they are in the same league, they both must count the game.

2.  Exclusion schools CANNOT exceed the season scheduling limitations for the sport.

3.  All League games MUST be counted.

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