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2019 Football Rules Information

2019 NFHS Football Rules 

Support Material and Information Page 

Below is a link to support materials that can be used for creating greater understanding of the upcoming NFHS Football Rules for Fall 2019.

The folder contains many items:

1)      6 numbered folders with PPT’s that contain embedded video examples.  There is also a video guide for some of the PPT’s.  The embedded videos have been taken from the web and cut into specific examples to identify areas of importance.  Many of the videos have overdubbed voices directing the area of discussion

2)      The “40-25 Second Clock” folder has a video that shows how the 40/25 second clock will be managed during game play.  This video does represent a real game, imposing the play clock in the video even though there was not a play clock at the site, as will be the case for many, many MA schools.  This folder also has the 40/25 second guidance document that our MA schools will use during 2019 play.

3)      The folder titled “2019 NFHS FB Rules – Detailed Breakdown” includes PPT’s that pull apart each section of NFHS rules.

4)      The main folder also has a PPT titled, “NCAA to NFHS Overall review” which is a comparison of NCAA to NFHS rules.

As additional resources are needed, they will be added to the linked folder.


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