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Educational Athletics Committee

Interscholastic athletic competition is an extension of the classroom and an educational activity that provides outstanding opportunities to teach life lessons.  Through participation in such programs, young people learn values and skills that help prepare them for the future.  Leadership, goal setting, teamwork, decision making, perseverance, integrity, sacrifice, healthy competition and overcoming adversity are inherent in the interscholastic athletic framework and also support the academic mission of schools.  Student-athletes earn the privilege to participate by succeeding academically, and the resulting positive outcomes continue far beyond graduation.  These programs exist to prepare young men and women for the next level of life, not the next level of athletics.  Wins are achieved through athletics by developing successful athletes and teams, but more importantly, wins are achieved through the educational experience by developing successful and responsible students, leaders and community members. 

The goals of the Educational Athletics Committee are to support educational professionals and prepare coaches to fulfill the role of “teacher-coach,” as curriculum leaders who teach the values and skills inherent in interscholastic athletics. With the guidance and support of the Educational Athletics Committee, curriculum strands referred to as “pillars,” will be identified, developed and integrated into all interscholastic athletic programs.  The Educational Athletics Committee, consisting of Association constituents, will serve in an advisory capacity to achieve these goals.  Pursuant to the committee mission, the following “pillars” of educational athletics have been established.

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  • Coaches’ Education - To provide resources for teacher-coaches who serve as curriculum instructors of educational athletics
  • Wellness - To empower students to make healthy life choices
  • Sportsmanship - To teach respect for self, team, opponents, officials, rules and the game itself
  • Leadership - To promote the power of positive influence that student-athletes and teacher-coaches share as role models
  • Community Service - To recognize the privilege of athletic participation and the responsibility of giving back to the community
Committee Members
Peter Boucher Milford High School

Kate Breen Retired Teacher/Coach

Steve Cline The Partnership at Drugfree.org

Andrew Crisafulli Joseph Case High School

Paul Daigle Retired Principal

Darren Doane Dartmouth Middle School

Avery Esdaile Boston Public Schools

Kelly Farley
Swampscott High School

Mitch Finnegan Weston High School

Phil Fogelman Anti-Defamation League

Ryan Ford Jostens-Scholastic Solutions, Inc.

Thomas Hermanowski ADAPT Consultants

Thomas Holdgate Duxbury High School

Dennis Jackson Springfield HS

Deirdre King Hopkinton High School

David Mahery Pro Stairs

Naomi Martin Lexington High School

William McCarthy Arlington High School

Brian McNally Andover High School

Maria Melchionda MAHPERD

Michael O'Connor Ursuline Academy

Peter Schafer
Abington Public Schools

Sylvia Stepien Hopkinton High School

Michael Vaughan Leicester Middle School
Educational Athletics Award Recipients Photos
Meeting Dates

Committee Meeting Dates

September 12, 2017 - 10:00am

February 15, 2018 - 10:00am

May 16, 2018 - 12:00pm

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