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Concussion Corner

The Massachusetts Medical Society along with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts has produced and made available to healthcare professionals and to the public a new online 1 ½ hour webinar aimed at identifying and managing  concussions as well as fully understanding the physical and cognitive limitations that can occur after a concussion. The multi-media program, “Concussion Treatment, Management and Prevention,” includes an overview of the signs,  symptoms and treatment of concussion,  recommendations for graduated return to play and return to learn for students who have suffered a concussion and an overview of policies and procedures required by the Mass. sports concussion regulations.

The program’s expert panel includes James Gessner, MD, Immediate Past President of the Massachusetts Medical Society; Michael Beasley, MD, Staff Physician, Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine; Kathleen Thornton,  MS, LAT, CSCS, Team Leader Injury Prevention,  Southcoast Health; Alan G. Kulberg, MD, Berkshire Medical Center Concussion Clinic ; and Linda Brown, MBA, of the Mass. Department of Public Health.

The MA sports concussion regulations require physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed athletic trainers, physician assistants and neuropsychologists providing medical clearance for return to play for student athletes verify that they have received DPH approved clinical training in traumatic head injury assessment and management.  This webinar qualifies as a DPH approved training.

Here are the links to the training:

Free videos on conference archives page. www.massmed.org/ConcussionTreatmentManagementandPrevention    

 For CMEs go to the Online CME course

For more information contact Linda Brown at Mass. Department of Public Health at linda.brown AT state.ma DOT us.



Massachusetts Concussion Law
Letter of Affirmation Due to MDPH by 9/30/17

To all Superintendents, School Principals and Athletic Directors:

This is a reminder from Mass. Department of Public Health (MDPH) per the Sports Concussion Regulations 105 CMR 201 for 1) public and charter schools and 2) other non-public schools that are subject to the rules of Mass. Interscholastic Athletic Association that have extracurricular sports in grades 6-12:

These regulations require these schools or school districts to have policies and procedures governing the prevention, recognition and management of sports-related head injuries.  Furthermore, the School or School District needs to provide MDPH with an affirmation on school or district letterhead, that it has developed such sports concussion policies in accordance with 105 CMR 201 and that an updated letter of affirmation is due by September 30, 2017 upon review or revision of its policies.  (105 CMR 201.006(C)) (This letter is required every 2 years pe theregulations.) 

You are not required to send us your policies but you are welcome to if you like.  We have a model guidance on developing sports concussion policies called “Head Strong: Guidance for Implementing the Massachusetts Regulations on Head Injuries and Concussions in School Athletics” and can be found at the following links:



You may email this letter to DPH-ConcussionPolicies AT MassMail.State.MA DOT US or mailed in hard copy to:
Linda Brown
Division of Violence and Injury Prevention
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street-4th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Other information about sports-related head injuries and concussions can be found at our website: www.mass.gov/sportsconcussion

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 617-624-5432 or linda.brown AT state.ma DOT us

Thank you,

Linda Brown
Division of Violence and Injury Prevention
Department of Public Health

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