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MIAA Handbook

Wherever this mark appears in the MIAA Handbook you can click on it as a link to helpful information.


Handbook editorial changes are part of an ongoing process to clarify the existing rule while promoting its intent.  The goal of this effort, and of the enhancement icons associated with various on-line Handbook rules, is to  make the rules that govern our programs more understandable.

As revisions are required we will individually post those pages in the table below. (see revised "White Book of Forms" forms in table below this one).Helpful Hint:  To find a word or phrase within the Handbook, use the binoculars button on your Adobe toolbar.


Revised Pages                   

Page #


Revision Date

 76 Rule 72.13 - corrected length of penalty to 2 minutes 8/9/17
Rule 95 - added 2018 & 2019 Field Hockey cut-off dates 8/16/17
 52 Rule 52 - added clarification wording 9/12/17
 68 Rule 68 - added nfhs field hockey rule 9/12/17
 104 Rule 90 - added rule 90.3.6 and removed rule 90.4.7 as rule was in wrong location. 9/12/17
 110, 111, 112
Rule 93 - updated Game Official's recommended fees 9/12/17
corrected wrestling rule 84.2.1 to match rule 84.3.3 11/14/17
corrected Wrestling fees for 2018-19 11/14/17
 115 changed winter swim cut-off date due to venue availability 11/20/17
115, 116
added hockey, baseball, golf, gymn, & swim cut-off dates 12/5/17
 115 corrected swim cut-off dates 12/12/17
 115, 116
added volleyball cut-off dates 12/18/17
 117 added clarification wording in Rule 97.3 12/28/17
34, 116 & 117
added same clarification icon to Rules 34.1, 97, and 99.1 1/11/18
 116 added 2019 & 2020 cut-off dates for Lacrosse 1/18/18

Helpful Hint:  To find a word or phrase within the Handbook, use the binoculars button on your Adobe toolbar.


Revised "White Book of Forms" forms

Page #


Revision Date


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