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The Winter season must not begin before the first Monday after Thanksgiving. The Winter season must end with completion of the regular varsity season schedule, except for the varsity team or individual students completing their participation in the MIAA tournament.

MIAA Handbook Rule 84.4.6 (pg.85) 

84.4.6 To qualify at a certain weight for the MIAA Individual Sectional & State Tournaments, a wrestler must weigh-in at his certified weight class at scratch weight at least once during the season, shoulder to shoulder in front of an opposing coach. The opposing coach must sign the weigh-in sheet verifying the scratch weight. A 2lb allowance is granted on January 1st each year, provided the wrestler has achieved scratch weight. If a wrestler has not achieved scratch weight prior to January 1st, the wrestler must achieve scratch weight before being granted the 2lb allowance.

After January 1st, when the 2lb growth allowance is granted, all weight classes will be adjusted to the growth allowance weight (ex. 106 becomes 108). A wrestler must take this 2lb allowance if they plan on bumping up a weight, regardless of if they have achieved the scratch weight.Ex. After January 1st, if a wrestlers weighs 107.9 the wrestler cannot wrestle at 120. If that wrestler has not achieved scratch at 106 they are only eligible for the 113 weight class in that meet.

Wrestler must also weigh-in at the base weight (scratch weight plus any rule book allowances) 60% of the regular season varsity days of competition on which the wrestler competes. Rule book weight class allowances count toward the 60% certification.

With this rule there is a change in the language as well as a separation with-in the language to show that they are separate weigh-in procedural rules.


MIAA Handbook Rule 84.5 (pg.86)

A licensed physician, licensed athletic trainer or certified EMT must be in attendance and on duty for all wrestling matches. (It is strongly recommended that such medical coverage and an emergency transport system be in place for all games.) The medical person shall be responsible for both teams unless each team has its own medical coverage. His/her judgment will be final with regard to the condition of a player after injury. No player may continue to play against the medical person's advice. The penalty for violation of this provision is forfeiture of the individual match.

Liaison - Phil Napolitano, MIAA
Chair- Brendan Kent, Wakefield Memorial High School

District 1
Mr. Joe Bianca, Principal, Smith Vocational Tech
Mr. Jeff Lareau, Athletic Director, Smith Vocational Tech

District 2
Mr. Mark Hollick, Principal, Assabet Valley Regional 
Ms. Mary Solok, Athletic Director, Douglas High School

District 3
Mr. Steve Cullinane, Principal, Nashoba Regional  
Ms. Ann Palumbo, Athletic Director, Tygnsboro High School

District 4
Mr. Brendan Kent, Athletic Director, Wakefield Memorial High School 
Mr. Brian Brewer, Dean of Students, Watertown High School

District 5
Mr. Scott Connolly, Athletic Director, Salem High School
Mr. Kevin Bradley, Athletic Director, Whittier Tech

District 6
Dr. Keith Crowley, Principal, Saint John's Preparatory School
Mr. Brett Anderson, Asst. AD, Xaverian Brothers High School

District 7
Mr. Jon Longley, Athletic Director, Norwood High School
Mr. Thomas Angelo, Athletic Director, Franklin High School

District 8
Mr. Keith Poloskey, Athletic Director, Bristol County Agricultural High School

District 9
Mr. Christopher Jones, 
Principal, Whitman-Hanson Regional
Mr. Steve Rotondi, Athletic Director, Cohasset High School

Coach's Representative
Mr. Paul Shvartsman, Burlington High School

Officials' Representative
Mr. Brian Tildsley

Mr. Eric Conti,
Superintendent, Burlington Public Schools

Mr. Jason Peters 

Dr. Robert Pritchett
, Coach, Needham High School
Ms. Amy Daniels,
Senior Programs and Operations Coordinator, Boston Public Schools

  • October 8, 2020 - 10:00am
  • January 29, 2021 - 10:00am - moved to February 25, 2021
  • April 27, 2021 - 10:00am - moved to May 11, 2021

Division 1
Brian Urquhart

Division 2

All-State & Division 3
Scott Tremlett









A $300 per incident payment is required for:

  • Entering Minimum Weight prior to 1st contest
  • Required schedule committed late or with incomplete information.
  • Late submission of tournament entry
  • Incorrect results and information

Minimum Weight Control List (entered online in the members- only section of the MIAA website, Note: roster must be entered in members-only in order to add the minimum weight)

Entered in members-only on or before

May 6, 2021 or prior to the first contest.

Also must be entered on the FloArena website prior to the first contest.

Results must be entered on the FloArena website within 96 hours of a meet.

Within 96 hours of a meet/event

MIAA Season Schedule & Commitment (submitted electronically on the FloArena website)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Individual Record Forms and all Weigh-in Sheets (Note: all record forms and weigh-in sheets can be downloaded from the FloArena website as long as results have been entered.)

Must be brought to Sectional Seeding Meetings the week of

February 9, 2020

Cut-Off Date

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Tournament Compliance Policy
(found below on pg. 9)

Policy agreement “check box” can be found in the tournament entry section of members-only

For MIAA Postseason Individual Tournament Entries, athletes must declare which tournament they wish to compete in. Athletes cannot compete in both. 

Traditional Mixed Gender Tournament Entry

Girls’ State Tournament Entry

Both entries are to be submitted through the FloArena website

The week of February 9, 2020, prior to sectional seeding meetings.

By Friday, February 14, 2020 for Girls’ Tourney

Sectional Tournaments

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Divisional State Tournaments

Friday, February 21, 2020
Saturday, February 22, 2020

All State Tournament

Girls’ State Tournament

Friday, February 28, 2020

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday, February 29, 2020
(in conjunction with day 2 of All-States)

New England Tournament

Friday, March 6, 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Team Sportsmanship Award
(page 16 of format)

Friday, February 7, 2020

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MIAA Wrestling Tournament Page

2019-20 Team Sportsmanship Award Winner

Tyngsborough High School (D3)

MIAA Rule 84.4.7 (Page 85)
A wrestler may weigh-in for a varsity dual meet and compete at that weight or the next heavier weight. A wrestler may weigh-in for a varsity dual meet or tournament at the next weight heavier than the wrestler's certified weight class. On or after December 25th, if a wrestler ever weighs in for a varsity dual meet or MIAA sanctioned tournament two weight classes above the wrestler's certified weight class, the wrestler loses his certification at the lower weight class and is then certified at the next heavier weight class. For example, a wrestler who certified at 106 lb., on or after December 25th, may never, during the remaining season, weigh in at 120 lb. and keep the 106 lb. certification. The wrestler may weigh in at 113 lb. and wrestle at 120 lb. and keep the 106 lb. certification.

Exception: Prior to December 25th, all wrestlers may weigh in two weight classes above their certified weight without losing their certification.

MIAA Handbook Rule 84.2 (pg.83) 

Member schools shall not schedule or compete on more than 20 days of competition. Five matches is the maximum amount that a student may compete on any given day, exclusive of MIAA sponsored tournaments (see 84.3.3).

For scoring purposes, refer to NFHS Wrestling Case Book 1.4.3 Situation A: In a multiple school tournament being conducted in one day, there are: (a) eight schools invited, and it is announced four places will be scored; or (b) 16 teams are invited, and it is announced six placed will be scored.

RULING: Wrestlers are limited to no more than five matches during a day. Matches are those for which the time limit is specified by rule and are six minutes in length for consolation. In (a), it would be possible for a school to conduct an eight-team tournament, wrestling back to four places, because this would consist of a maximum of four matches for any wrestler. In (b), if only the losers of the quarterfinal bracket go to the wrestle-back it could be completed in only fives matches per day. If, however, the first-round losers enter the wrestle-back, there is a possibility that some wrestlers would be involved in six matches. This would not be allowed and would be in violation of Rule 1-4-3 which states that no wrestler shall represent the school in more than five matches in any one day. Therefor some consolation finals could not be wrestled. If one wrestler had wrestled in four matches and the other wrestler in fives matches, then the wrestler in four matches would be the winner by forfeit. If it was the match for third place and both wrestlers had been in five matches, then they would both receive points for fourth place. There could be no third-place finisher.

*Forfeits do NOT count as matches.

Page 6 of the MIAA Wrestling Format states...

d. Skin checks will take place conducted by the head referee and on-site trainer before any wrestler is permitted to go to the scales. (Wrestlers with skin conditions must present a doctor’s note using ONLY the MIAA Medical Release Form (pg. 17) or they will not be permitted to enter the tournament.

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