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Sports Medicine

Our Mission

  • Advise on Sports Medicine issues as they relate to rules writing, programs, and services
  • Monitor and disseminate information relating to Sports Medicine
  • Work through the MIAA to educate our constituency on Sports Medicine issues
  • Proactively address health and safety issues of concern to the MIAA membership
  • Concussion education, prevention

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*helpful information regarding concussions

October 16, 2017      Agenda     Minutes
February 12, 2018    Agenda     Minutes
May 14, 2018           Agenda     Minutes
October 15, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
February 11, 2019    Agenda     Minutes
May 13, 2019           Agenda     Minutes
October 07, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
February 10, 2020    Agenda    Minutes
May 11, 2020           Agenda    Minutes
October 5, 2020       Agenda    Minutes
November 2, 2020    Agenda    Minutes
September 20, 2021 Agenda    Minutes






AED's in Schools Guidelines

*helpful information regarding concussions*

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